how To Increase Your Website Visually?

The psychology of visual perception says that people see things around them as an extension of themselves. They see things and get attached to them in a subconscious manner. And, this is what the visual merchandising markets upon. The retail shops display their products so as to influence the consumer’s decision at par with them. However, it is a mutual decision taken by the store and the consumer when buying products.

Now, websites do the exact same thing provided they are designed efficiently, keeping the perfect amount of everything required. A website is the first impression that you give away to the user. A website design is not just a design; it is your marketing strategy.

So, how do we strategize?

1. Cut and Crisp

Your website should display your products and services and etc. things but you have to remember what your core motive is. What is necessary and what is ‘less’ necessary? The items displayed should be prioritized to give a clear expression of your company’s motive and what you wish to achieve out of it.

Are you giving away information or entertainment or requesting an interaction with the user? The idea should be crisp and clear.

2. Tell your story

The design of your website is your narrative. You have to engage with the user as much as possible. This can be achieved via animations, scroll down menus. The look and feel of your website design should match with the trends being followed out there. Mentioning stuff in bullets, subheadings works a lot in this department.

3. Every user carries a baggage

Now, a user today has a wide spectrum of websites that he could visit and with each website he visits, his memory of the previous ones get blurry but the memory holds on to the ones worth remembering.

Also, with each new website design his expectations increase and this creates a need for the designers to be as creative as possible. The website designer’s sole job is to anticipate the behavior of the visitors and guide them as smoothly as possible, through his designs.

4. Your color theme and your visual art

Web designing is an art; there is no doubt in that. An art is all about the idea behind it and the way it is expressed. The way the colors are chosen and their place and usage determine what you want to convey. Going back to visual perception here, colors determine emotions and are a better way of communication than words when it comes to websites.

5. Navigation and Animations

Your website is to help the user to get what he wants. It is a service being offered and an extra cheese in your pizza never hurts, right?

So, the animations being used should be top notch. Inclusion of background animations and videos are trending today and definitely give great conversion rates. A idea well expressed is a job done. Using hover animations, ghost buttons and minimizing texts should be focused upon. Including search bars allow a user to access or filter information better.

There is no standard when it comes to websites. There are various templates present out there conveying messages in different industries according to their applications but it is just a matter of perception and purpose.