Iskysoft Dvd Ripper For Windows Review

iSkysoft DVD Converter/Ripper for Windows can rip dvd into lots of format in your computer. If you are looking for how to copy dvd to computer hard disk, then this software is the right one for you. If you are looking about how to download dvd into your PC, you can do so in a few clicks using this program. The possibilities are endless and we would strongly suggest you to tryout this software.

iSkysoft Win DVD Ripper has been redesigned from scratch and now its user interface is very beautiful as well as functional. You can load the dvd easily and rip what you want. You can rip the whole dvd, or the individual chapters or certain parts of the chapters. You can merge all the chapters in one file or create a different file for each chapter. Its all up to you. You can preview the video before ripping to make sure you’re doing the right thing.

The Key Features of iSkysoft DVD Ripper

1. Support All Portable Players in one Interface
It doesn’t matter If you are using iPhone, iPhone 3GS, iPod, Zune, Zune HD, Apple TV, PSP, Xbox 360, PS3, iRiver, Creative Zen or other similar portable player. This software supports lots of popular portable devices. You can rip the dvd and transfer it to any of the portable devices in no time. Watch the movies when you are on the road, in aeroplane or anywhere else.

2. Edit the videos The way you want
Some DVD Ripping software support ripping the DVD but doesn’t let you change the default video settings but iSkysoft is different. You can adjust the video settings including brightness, contrast, hue, saturation and other variables of the video. It is easy to apply the effects and preview the changes before you start ripping the dvd. You can even compare the original version and the edited version.

3. Fast DVD Ripper For Windows
Ripping a DVD can be very tedious if the dvd ripping speed is slow. Ripping dvd is not like copying files but It takes some time to rip the dvd to retain the original quality. iSkysoft rip the dvd very fast and still preserves the original quality of the dvd video and hence enhancing viewing experience.

4. Combine Several Chapters into one file
Usually a dvd have different chapters for different scenes. There is no general rule for this but a dvd can have any amount of chapters. By default, the software creates a different file for each chapter. However, if you want to combine all the chapters, then you need to use “Merge All Files” feature.

5. Merge or Split DVD Chapters
If you want to combine all the chapters of the dvd in one video file, you need to use “Merge as One File” feature of the software.

6. Change Zoom Settings of the DVD Video
If you want, you can keep the video in original aspect or resize the video in 16:9, 4:3 ratios without any problem. You can crop the video and apply several video effects like old film effect, gray effect, emboss and negative effect etc.

7. Apply Effects and Compare the Original and Resultant Video
After applying effect on the video, the software will show you original video and the effect video in a single pan. You can see how the changed video will look like and make sure If you really want to apply the effect.

8. Fully Customizable settings of all video and audio formats.
If you want to change default settings of a particular format, then you need to select the format and click on “Settings” button next to the format. This way you can change the format settings if you want. However, this feature is intended only for those who know what they are doing. If you are unsure, you don’t need to adjust any settings as default settings are made to work best.


To be honest, the ripper from iSkysoft is one of the DVD ripper that you can use. However, its not the best ripper out there. To know the top DVD rippers in the market now, we have compile a list of the best 5 dvd rippers. Click here to read the top free and paid DVD rippers.