Types Of Voip Hosted Phone System Providers: Find Out Which One Is The Best For You

VoIP Phone Systems have become increasingly popular. Thanks to this, enterprises can modernize their facilities and processes, in addition to obtaining great advantages in each of their areas. This increasing popularity has led many telecommunications and technology companies to include the installation of these systems in their services. This is beneficial in a lot of ways but, on the other hand, can cause some problems when making a choice.

This happens because there is something that not everyone knows, and that is there are different types of VoIP providers within the industry. These are usually divided as follows:

Traditional VoIP providers.

These providers are solely responsible for providing VoIP-only services to companies. Through them, they give you the possibility to enjoy basic telephony functions for both companies and consumers.

Among its main features are voicemail, caller ID, and call forwarding. Considering that, in these cases, call management and control are not usually included in their tools.

Note: This is the provider for you if you are only looking for basic features for phone calls.

Providers of telephone systems in the cloud (VoIP Hosted Phone System).

This is one of the most important technological advances in telephony. These services were born as a combination of VoIP systems with cloud PBX technology. Its operation consists of using the telephony components and adapting them to the routing capabilities of the hosted PBXs. Thus, companies will not only obtain Internet calling plans but also management tools such as automatic operators, extensions for departments (they are usually virtual), and more.

Note: This is the provider for you if you are looking for a complete service that better matches current technological trends.

Providers of unified communications solutions.

There is not much difference between the previous category and this one. These VoIP providers use the same combination of technology between VoIP and the cloud-hosted PBX. However, their services are usually more comprehensive as they may include other functions such as online meetings, team messages (internal distribution). Their peculiarity is that they allow access and management of all these areas from a single platform. In this way, companies can obtain a central module for their communications operations without having to search for a provider for each tool they need.

Note: This is your provider if you are looking for a complete solution that effectively improves the processes you run in your company.

How do I know which one is right for me?

Choosing a good VoIP service provider will depend on many factors. The main ones have to do with your needs, your equipment, and your budget.

It is always recommended to choose complete services with a wide range of functions. However, each company is different and may need different characteristics. You must analyze what your requirements are and how much money you can spend on the installation of a VoIP system, so you will know which type of provider best suits what you are looking for.